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This site is a portal to many varied resources. These are trusted sites that have been examined by humans and are free of malicious softwares or advertising. A human-edited portal is the only sure way to find trusted websites that are free from a lot of the garbage that is populating the Internet.

Feel confident that these websites are useful, harmless, and just may provide you with information you'd never thought existed anywhere.

Trusted Websites:

Information Sites

Manifestation Techniques
This site has some excellent information on manifestation and abundance-mindset. Give it a good read.



This information site is packed with unbiased information on several different health issues, showing both the Doctor's point of vew, a health researcher's point of view, and a layman's point of view. Great stuff.

Bronchitis Cure
The real thing. Never deal with Bronchitis again.

Acne Cure provides an honest to goodness, real cure fo Acne.

Goji Berries and Juice
This food has absolutely stunning properties. Discovered high in the Himilayas, tiny communities that make this a normal part of their diet regularly have a huge portion of people live well beyond 100. And they live without heart disease and cancer!


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So why is this website here? Because there is a growing need for trusted resource directories on the Web. Search engines just can't filter out all the junk automatically.

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